Story of BrandK POS System

The story of BrandK POS System is from the idea of the restaurant owner.  Being suffered to spend for high cost on the hardware and without long term support on the system maintenance, it is giving a trouble for a restaurant to grow their business.

A founder who specialist in software programming and a founder who is restaurant owner. Combine all the idea, brainstorming and finally come out BrandK POS System. A system who thinks about every single step in restaurant business process, from ordering to payment, from frontline to backend, we let the process become system, let system to minimize your work, let system to systematic your process flow. Let’s everything to become smart. This is our aim to let our smart POS system to help you in your restaurant business.

With the rapid technology changing in the world, technology cannot be skipped. Technology does not mean for expensive; technology can be effective and cost saving. With the latest technology and all the feedback from our user, we come out our smart BrandK POS System to restaurant owners.

BrandK POS System is using Android Operating System, which is currently list in the google playstore . By link up with Android Tablet, thermal receipt printer and router, it become a powerful POS System for restaurant business.