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About Brandk POS System

BrandK POS System App is a POS software suitable to restaurant and retails, it is a Pos system for small business.

 We are the most trusted POS System by Korean in Malaysia. And our POS System is support with 3 language, English, Korean and Chinese.


BrandK POS System is not only a Point of Sales system that help you manage your money during sales transaction. BrandK POS System Software is also a business solution to your business. We help you to simply your business process by our POS System.


Not only a Pos cashier software (KPOSCashier), we come together with staff ordering app (KPOSServer), Bosses Management App (KPOSAdmin) and also membership app (BrandK). All the app are available in google playstore and IOS App Store.

From ordering to payment, we do cover for real time sales tracking, inventory management system, cash flow management system, staff attendance system, restaurant reservation system, membership system and membership online shopping system.

Our POS System Strengths

Easy to use Pos System Software

BrandK POS System is an easy-to-use POS System software. It is developed following the app principle` of simple and easy to use. Easy features reduce the errors made by staff.  BrandK Pos system for small business is easy to use for staff and boss.

Easy to Track Sales POS System

Real time cloud base Point of sales stored all your sales transaction. No matter where you are, once connect to BrandK admin management app (KPOSAdmin) you can see your business real time sales data. KPOSAdmin App is available at google playstore and IOS App store.

Easy to Manage Multiple Shop

Easy to switch between your shop in BrandK admin apps (KPOSAdmin) to monitor all the branches or your business in a handphone. We do provide enhanced POS system software for franchisors who manage franchisee business.

Easy for Business Operation

App base admin management app  (KPOSAdmin) to let you monitor sales, cash flow, inventory, staff attendance, membership and more business-related operation in your handphone.

High Security POS Cashier system

Real time sales transaction update via BrandK admin management app (KPOSAdmin) and live time void sales alert to Boss handphone to avoid any false sales report by handwriting.

Features to make the business process more effective.

BrandK F&B POS System with QR ordering system

Speed up the ordering process – QR ordering

Pos system software app that built-in Qr code food ordering system

in F&b pos system. Enhanced feature to prompt customer on repeating order for a same menu.

Auto calculation of used inventory

Auto calculation of used inventory

Retail POS system or Grocery store pos system will auto deduct sold product and reduce total stock. Pos system restaurant will reduce inventory based on total menu sold.

Real time Sales data by handphone app

Real time Sales data by handphone app

BrandK Pos system software app come together with sales tracking app (KPOSAdmin), brandK POS system lets you check to check your business sales in real time.

Void Sales real time alert

Prevent cashier theft by real time order cancelation or void sales notification via BrandK (KPOSAdmin ) mobile app.

Clock in clock out system for small business

Real time Staff attendance monitoring

Employee clock in clock out can check in the BrandK Boss Management mobile app (KPOSAdmin). Total working hour and be seen in BrandK KPOSAdmin App.

Cash Flow management app

Cash flow management by handphone app

BrandK Boss Management mobile App ( KPOSAdmin) supports multiple users. User can key in cash flow movement record in the app, expenses claim by staff easily manage under mobile application.  

Restaurant reservation system

App Reservation directly to POS

Restaurant table reservation or table booking can be done via BrandK membership app directly to BrandK POS System (KPOSCashier). Real time notification directly to POS and manage confirmation by POS. Confirmation message will send to customer once restaurant confirmed the reservation.

Membership management app

Membership system management

Continuing marketing for existing customers by membership program. Support member’s discount or point reward system. Enhanced with event voucher creation and special marketing event in BrandK Boss Management app (KPOSAdmin) app to member’s BrandK membership App (BrandK).

Membership app online store

Dedicated online store in BrandK membership app (BrandK) for your business. Support customer online order for takeaway or delivery.

Hear from our customer

"Very good service, it's very helpful. Good sistem and useful."
"Very nice system and manage reply also very fast so totally satisfied BK pos."
Fast response system .helped my restaurant reduced workload. And also great customer service

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