BrandK POS System Restaurant Ordering System

All in One POS System Restaurant Malaysia

• Specialized large size restaurant
• Ordering System real time received by Cashier System
• 100% correct data
• Receive order in fast
• Cover wide area
BrandK POS System Restaurant Ordering System

Wide Coverage

Can cover wide area, suitable to restaurant more than 20 dining table.

2-way Communication

Using TCP/IT technology, make sure data receive is correct.

Real time data

Real time data receive by Cashier system, no delay and no missing data

Support Staff mobile

Can pair ordering system with android phone up to 6 handphone

Easy To use

Tablet based and Android Phone based ordering system. Easy to use

BrandK POS System Restaurant Ordering System
Fast data transfer in wide area


BrandK POS System Restaurant Ordering System is simple interface. It help you to easy and fast key in customer’s order. BrandK POS System can be install in Android tablet (KPOSServer) or Android Phone (KPOSServer Mobile).

BrandK POS System able to check all the customer’s order although the order not key in under this tablet.

BrandK POS System allow to key in discount under ordering system.

BrandK All in One POS System support QR Menu Order by customer. Customer’s order can be pick up either by casher system or ordering system. 

BrandK POS System is using 2-way communication technology,  cashier system will receive the real time data from ordering system.

BrandK POS System Technology is using 2-way communication and real time data transfer between ordering system and cashier system, the response is the fastest and 100% correct data transfer, no delay and no loss data. 

With BrandK POS System restaurant ordeing system, we are able to cover wide area of restaurant.

BrandK POS System restaurant ordering system support mobile mode(KPOSServer Mobile). Staff handphone can be paired and to function under ordering system. It help restaurant to save cost to get additional device.


BrandK POS System Restaurant Ordering System

2-way communication technology (TCP/IP)

BrandK cloud-based POS System using the 2-way communication technology to link POS Cashier (KPOSCashier) and POS Order (KPOSServer). This technology can make sure all the data transfer in correctly and no missing data. This also ensure data being transfer in faster way.


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