BrandK POS System QR Ordering System

• Smart system to reduce duplicate order

• One order to multi area

• Save employee time

• Transfer employee work to digital

• Reduce miss communication under language barrier

• Support 4 language (English, Korean, Chinese & Malay)

BrandK POS System QR Ordering System


Self-scanned duplication order

Easy To use

Simple and clear interface, customer understand the menu easily

Fast Checkout

Step by step to lead customer to checkout the

Save Cost

Reduce cost on Manpower

Increase Table Turnover

Shorter the ordering process, increase table turnover and increase overall income

Smart System to avoid duplication order

Each table will have a customize website link for customer to make order

Individual website link direct the data traffic by individual link to avoid data mixed up.

Clear and easy understanding interface let customer can easy to make order

Customer scan and order directly. Customer order process become fast

Online payment gate not default built-up in the website to reduce commission cost

Customer can get their time to make order and manpower can allocate to settle for others work.


Reduce duplicate order

Self-scanned Duplication Order

We cannot guarantee network in smooth, but BrandK guarantee system self-scanned duplicate order. 

All the order received will be scanned. System will prompt message to customer if there is duplicate order. In additional, POS System will received alert for duplicate order under same table within a short period.


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